Affordable PACS Solutions

Are you looking for an affordable PACS solutions for your business? A PACS system that is rich in features, dependable and adaptable yet easy to use and affordable?

Simple Dicom DR Solutions

Multiple Disaster Recover solutions for your PACS images - don't rely on old fashioned tape backups. Get smart, secure, off-site and affordable solutions for your images.

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Simple Dicom Imaging Services

At MyPACS we offer a simple affordable solution to storing Dicom images. In New Zealand, medical images are required to be stored for 7 years. MyPACS allows you to store those images safely, securely and affordably - taking the worry out of long term Dicom Image storage.

Secure Offsite Dicom Storage

Looking for and affordable Dicom Image storage both onsite and in the cloud? MyPACS covers all your Dicom Image and PACS requirements. Simple effective solutions for your business.